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Discrimination in the workplace, pay and benefits

Discrimination in the workplace, pay and benefits


You are a senior executive and the only female member of the management team. You have two young children and manage both a demanding work and home life. A less experienced male counterpart has been awarded a bonus under the terms of the company’s performance related discretionary bonus scheme, on the strength of new work wins which he has brought into the business through extensive networking. Your family commitments mean that you have only very limited opportunities to attend marketing events, you feel very aggrieved as you have not received a bonus for a couple of years and feel that you have been overlooked, is there anything you can do?

We would need to look firstly at the terms on which you are engaged and the terms of the bonus scheme. It appears that the company has exercised its discretion to pay bonus to your colleague and it has a duty to exercise that discretion fairly in relation to your bonus. It may be that the basis on which performance is assessed is discriminatory. If  issues of discrimination in the workplace cannot be resolved informally it may be that you will need to commence a formal grievance process.

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