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Redundancy, unfair dismissal and severance agreements

Redundancy, unfair dismissal and severance agreements


Following a recent merger you have been told that you are redundant. You have been offered a significant redundancy payment. Here are some questions you may be considering:

How has my redundancy payment been calculated?

Am I entitled to more?

Is my company dealing with the redundancy properly?

What happens next?

Often, particularly with senior staff, companies choose not to follow standard redundancy procedures. Instead, they offer to ‘enhance’ the basic redundancy entitlement either to a group of employees, in a large scale redundancy/restructuring situation, or on an ad hoc basis for an individual.
The question of whether the redundancy offer is a good one can be involved, taking into account your benefits such as salary, bonus, car, insurance, share options, pension and tax issues along with your prospects of finding alternative work and the circumstances of the redundancy.
We can analyse the contractual position and any potential claims you might have against your employer and help you to negotiate with the company or negotiate directly on your behalf to maximise the value of your redundancy payment.


Redundancy, unfair dismissal, severance agreements

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