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Large scale redundancy and settlement agreements advisory service

In recent years, Averta Employment Lawyers have gained significant expertise in advising large groups of employee and worker clients in relation to settlement agreements.

Our advisory service to employees and workers applies in redundancy or restructuring situations, where contracts are being changed or where there is a dispute affecting a large part of a workforce.

We are often recommended by other law firms, or by employers’ human resources teams and although we take a collaborative approach to these exercises, our primary responsibility is to each individual who becomes a client of Averta.

Web-based advice – Quick and Convenient

As COVID-19 restrictions have prevented us from meeting clients face to face we have developed a new approach to advising employees, which has significant advantages for dealing with large groups.

The process allows us to provide legal advice quickly and efficiently to large groups of clients in a way that is advantageous for both clients and employers:

Clients – receive clear, timely advice from highly experienced independent employment solicitors, who prioritise confidentiality and tailor advice according to clients needs.

Employers – the process is extremely efficient and helps them to manage large numbers of settlement agreements, effectively, without compromising on the quality or independence of our advice.

Our process – How it works
Our process encompasses client engagement, advice, and completion – efficiently and accurately. This is a brief outline:

Web-based ID verification
Using web-based ID verification, document sharing, webinar presentations and electronic signatures we can advise clients remotely whilst maintaining security. The interests of clients and confidentiality are built into every stage of the process.

Identification of clients is now a requirement of the anti-money laundering regulations and solicitors’ rules. Previously a time-consuming process, this has now been streamlined and we use online ID verification as part of our client engagement process. In most cases, this process means we can comply with the requirements in just a few seconds.

Tailored Webinars
Our advice is given both in writing and via webinar presentations tailored to clients’ needs. These webinars have proved to be highly effective. They are easily accessible for all clients on PCs, tablets, or mobile devices. Clients can ask any questions they may have, openly or anonymously, via live Q&A which takes place during the webinar and afterwards.

Our process is fully compliant with relevant legislation concerning settlement agreements, including s.203 of the Employment Rights Act 1996.

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