Averta’s Rachel Broughton new social mobility ambassador for Law Society

Averta Employment Lawyers’ Rachel Broughton has been appointed as a social mobility ambassador for the Law Society of England and Wales. Broughton, who is a director at Averta, will in her capacity as an ambassador be helping the Law Society to inspire people from less privileged backgrounds to consider a career in the law.

The Law Society Solicitors for Social Mobility campaign aims to highlight how the solicitors’ profession is made up of accomplished and talented individuals from all walks of life, and how many will have experienced and overcome socio-economic hurdles in pursuit of their career ambitions and professional success.

Broughton comments:

“I feel very humbled to have been appointed to my role as a social mobility ambassador with the Law Society.  I came from a close-knit mining community in South Yorkshire and although I had an extremely happy childhood there were no role models and little guidance on how to pursue a professional career, let alone a career in law.  This project is about making those role models more visible and making the path to a career in law more understandable and accessible.”

“I believe that improving social mobility is not just a moral cause but is also important for the legal profession, to make sure we get the most able people who represent society as a whole.  I want to help show young people from less privileged backgrounds that it is possible to have a good career in law, if you work hard and are determined. I will say however that the drive and fight to get to where I am today forced me to develop tenacity and nurtured an empathy which has served me and my clients’ well.”

Law Society president Robert Bourns said: “I am proud and delighted to introduce the 2016 Solicitors for Social Mobility: the Ambassadors.

“With the Ambassadors, we want to provide examples and support for people aspiring to a career in law, to inspire the next generation of solicitors from all backgrounds.”

Broughton joined Averta Employment Lawyers in 2007 becoming a partner in 2008 and is now a director. She had previously worked as a senior associate for eight years at DLA Piper in Birmingham, alongside Averta’s other directors, David Sykes and Alan Jones.

Averta’s Alan Jones says: “Rachel not only has a sharp intellect she is a tenacious lawyer and fights hard for her clients while displaying an unusual degree of empathy which means she regularly receives plaudits from clients facing challenging situations. ”

This is the second year the Law Society has run the Social Mobility: the Ambassadors campaign, which was launched in October 2015 with 10 ambassadors and are further 10 are being appointment this year.  To be appointed to the role, solicitors must have attended a non-fee paying school, been part of the first generation in their immediate family to attend higher education, be passionate about social mobility and fair access to the profession, and want to inspire others to follow their career ambitions.