Participating in an investigative process can often be traumatic and unsettling. Therefore, while it is crucial to conduct an investigation with professionalism and impartiality, I firmly believe that it is equally important for those investigating to demonstrate empathy towards those involved.”

Before joining Averta, Chet had a career spanning two decades in the financial services industry, specifically in legal and compliance roles at prominent global investment banks.

In his previous role within Santander’s investment banking division, Chet held the role of Executive Director and the Head of Conduct Oversight and Reputational Risk. In this role, he successfully established a new function dedicated to overseeing the bank’s conduct risk and culture framework. One of his notable achievements was the development and implementation of internal guidelines to ensure the proper escalation and handling of conduct-related incidents.

Chet’s expertise extended to him conducting and managing investigations that encompassed a wide range of allegations. These investigations involved matters such as significant breaches of the code of conduct and internal policies, as well as instances of inappropriate personal behaviour like bullying and discrimination often raised through Whistleblowing procedures or other channels.

With his extensive in-house experience, Chet possesses a deep understanding of internal processes and functions within organisations and he is well-versed in effectively collaborating and communicating with key stakeholders such as internal Human Resources and Employee Relations departments.