Rachel Broughton alongside her Bargain Hunt team’s antique expert, John Cameron.Some non-employment news here –  Averta Employment Lawyer’s director Rachel Broughton was on the winning red team on BBC One’s Bargain Hunt with her mother who is a keen antique collector.

In Bargain Hunt, two teams, red and blue, have £300 and one hour to buy antiques which they then sell at auction.  The team that makes the most money from their purchases is the winner. Each team is accompanied by an expert who helps guide them round what might be the best buys. Contestants don’t have to be antique experts, but the BBC are interested in people who do love antiques and collectables.  Enthusiasm is as important to being selected as knowledge, but a combination of both is perfect for the programme.

Rachel had great fun filming with their team’s expert John Cameron, Anita Manning and the rest of the wonderful BBC crew, making the most profit on the day.

Bargain Hunt is on BBC One at lunchtimes during the week; it airs at 12.15 and as we appreciate that it is not a good time for most of us at to watch the programme.    So if you want to catch up the ‘Rachel’ episide of Bargain Hunt can be seen here  – http://https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0b64cbq