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How to watch all of The Rugby World Cup – without getting fired….

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Marianne Browne at Averta, has a few words of advice for anyone that doesn’t want to miss watching a World Cup game:

The Rugby World Cup starts today, with England playing Fiji at Twickenham.  Whilst many people will be content with catching the big games and highlight, there are many ‘die-hard’ rugby fans up and down the country will no doubt be making plans to watch it (or as much of it as they can).

A lot of matches are scheduled to take place at the weekend however, some will take place during the week and start at 2:30pm.  What can you do if you’re at work and want to watch it all?

If you want to take time off work around the time of matches, you will need to book annual leave in the normal way, as set out in your employer’s holiday handbook or policy.  If you do not want to or cannot take time off to watch the games, you might be permitted by your employer to watch some TV or internet coverage while at work or you might even be able to discuss some sort of temporary flexible working arrangement.

“Pulling a sicky” to watch a game is not a sensible idea.  Your employer will no doubt be monitoring sickness absence during the World Cup period and any unauthorised absence or patterns in absence could result in formal proceedings.

It might be worth talking to your employer to see if you can agree a more flexible working day, when you can come in a little later or finish earlier, and when this time can be made up.  It might also be possible to listen or watch some events by taking your lunch hour at a different time to normal or during an agreed scheduled break.

It is important that you check with your employer regarding the use of the internet to watch matches.  They may well have an internet policy that makes it clear whether you are permitted to watch live coverage on your computer.  If your employer is monitoring your internet usage, the data protection regulations require them to make it clear that it’s happening to all employees.

To plan the rest of this month and October, go to http://www.rugbyworldcup.com/


Photography – England vs. Scotland courtesy of Steve Nottingham






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